C++ Paper N4456 - Survey of C++ Problems for Game Development

N4456 - "Towards improved support for games, graphics, real-time, low latency, embedded systems" (Michael Wong, Sean Middleditch, Nicolas Guillemot) Some history on the paper: Michael Wong »

Unnest C++ Namespaces

A common complaint by many users of C++ is the pain of nesting namespaces when declaring classes. While future additions to C++ like N4230 will make »

C++ Reflection

The old articles on this blog about C++ are fairly out of date. I wouldn't recommend anyone to use them today for anything but historical study »

Destructive Move

One of the pre-Urbana papers is a little near and dear to my heart. That paper is N4158 - Destructive Move (Rev 1) by Pablo Halpern »

CppCon 2014 Slides

Many of the slide decks from the talk's at the inaugural C++ Conference are now available on GitHub. There were a number of great talks this »